Rabid Rabbit #13/C’est Bon Kultur: Square One

Rabid Rabbit has merged or combined or voltroned or less dramatically but just as AWESOME internationally collaborated with the Swedish Comic Anthology C’est Bon Kultur to produce a super sweet double feature flippable flip–book! (turn it over it’s Rabid Rabbit! flip it again! It’s C’est Bon! It’s amazing! It meets in the Middle! You won’t believe how awesome it is!)

In this book every artist had to start from the same “Square One” composition— “A person opening a door”. From there they were free to illustrate an astonishing diverse collection of both art and stories. One of Rabid Rabbit’s more high concept books to date!

Rabid Rabbit Comic Anthology is a Brooklyn based comic art magazine that assembles some of world’s best upcoming and renowned comic creators. The goal of the magazine is to provide for its artists a dynamic platform in which they can exhibit their exceptional talents.

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